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A Look at the Salt & Light Program

Salt & Light Program, Christian Aid Ministries

Two couples, the “Smiths” and the “Joneses,” attended CAM’s Salt and Light program at a Mennonite church in Pennsylvania. The Smiths were struggling with significant credit card debt. The Joneses came with a divided vision on how their money should be used in their home. This caused struggles in their marriage. But both couples came hoping to learn better management skills.

At the beginning of the course, the group decided each couple would save $10 per meeting. Each participant shared how they planned to use their $100-plus in savings at the end of the course. But something impacted the Smiths during this 12-week course. On the final evening, they quietly approached the brother facilitating the course. The couple told him they wanted to give their savings to the Joneses because of the difficult needs they were facing.

Perhaps God gave the Smiths a burden for the severe needs in their neighbors’ lives, or maybe they were convicted by the Biblical teaching they received. It could have been those times of prayer each evening. But regardless, impacting lives and building relationships to share the Gospel is the purpose behind the Salt & Light program.

Salt & Light is a Bible-based teaching program, designed to assist those who need financial guidance. It comes with ready-to-go lessons and guidance for the course. Our goal is to assist Anabaptist churches who have an interest in reaching out to their coworkers and neighbors.

If you are interested in using the Salt & Light course in your community as an outreach tool to share the Gospel, you might want to attend a Salt & Light seminar.

Upcoming Salt & Light training seminars

September 21 (evening) & 22 (all day)
Location: Perry Mennonite Reception Center,
350 Green Park Rd., Elliottsburg, PA 17024

September 24 (evening) & 25 (all day)
Location: Hustonville Amish Brotherhood,
4437 Highway 198, Hustonville, KY 40437

Registration deadline: September 4, 2020
Contact us for registration costs. See phone
number below.