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Breaking the cycle of poverty in Nigeria

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A group of twenty-seven men in Nigeria sits together, meeting for a time of prayer, teaching, and discussion. They are farmers, small business owners, fathers, and husbands who are taking steps to improve their lives through saving and financial teaching.

This group of men is one of various SALT savings groups across the West African country of Nigeria. The purpose of these savings groups is to help people find a sustainable, lasting answer to the poverty in Nigeria. SALT group members are learning to expand their businesses, handle finances wisely, and follow Christ in everyday life.

Generational impact is an important goal of SALT. Many clients bring their young children to savings group meetings. These children watch and listen to the instruction their parents receive. We hope this teaching will be transferred to the next generation and will help break the vicious cycle of poverty in Nigeria.

Joel is part of a Nigerian SALT savings group. “Before I joined the SALT program, I was backsliding, doing sinful acts,” he admits. “I was comfortable in it . . . but to God be the glory, through this program I have been encouraged about my spiritual life and am feeling restored now.” SALT also helped Joel expand his business of selling Christian books and various other items. “When I took the loan, I was able to use it to buy goods that added to my business stock. Through the teaching, I am learning how to effectively invest money back into my business.”

Joel’s wife noticed how God transformed her husband. She inquired about the SALT program, then joined Joel in the savings group. “Today my family is experiencing the move of God,” she testifies. She farms the land to help provide for her family. With the money she earned, her family was able to build a new house. “The program . . . helped me keep a good record of income and expenses,” she concludes. “To God be the glory.”

The SALT program has great potential for growth but is in need of funds to expand.