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God is in the details

business, Christian Aid Ministires

My name is Madame Pason Jean-Baptiste, and I live in Cap Rouge, Haiti. I am married and have 13 children: six girls and seven boys.

I tried many things to help provide for our needs, but nothing seemed to pay off. I worked hard doing a lot of little things and stooping to the most menial things. I could never establish a successful business. My businesses always lost money.

Then I learned about the SALT savings group in my area. At the SALT savings group meetings, I got good advice on how to prepare a business and how to save money.

I really like the lesson in the SALT manual about how Marie started her business with just a little bread and later had quite a large business. This story motivated me. It also shows us that if God is in something, He helps us in every little detail. This led me to take a loan out of the group savings to start a small store next to my house.

I have taken three loans. This is working very well now. Just as I have been blessed, my vision is to help others in our neighborhood. I believe with God it is possible.