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Restoring hope in Nigeria

Nigeria, Christian Aid Minstries

Dahiru lived through several life-shaping events that rocked his nation and community. His village of Uba, Nigeria, was overrun by radical Boko Haram fighters several years ago. They systematically attacked both government and Christians, driving them out in an effort to control the government and establish their own state.

The Bible’s clear teaching on nonresistance and suffering love was severely tested as Christians lost loved ones who were killed because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

After several years of instability, the residents of Uba were able to move back and resume life in their hometown. Thanks be to God! However, the religious violence and radical terrorism shaped and redefined the broader society of Northeastern Nigeria. The normal life people knew before the violence no longer exists. Out of 93 countries, Nigeria was the fourth highest country impacted by terrorism over the past decade.1

SALT meets a desperate need in this war-torn area as families seek to build a life again. Dahiru is part of a SALT savings group that helps him operate and grow his small welding shop. He and many like him find real answers to their financial needs. They value the steady discipline of saving money and the Biblical training given at SALT meetings. Dahiru invested money into growing his business and was able to purchase a small plot where he hopes to build a house someday. He testifies to the way the SALT program is bringing unity to a group of divided people, whose trust in each other was shattered by violence.

Dahiru said, “We were not serious when we began our savings group called the Business Club, but now we are reaping the benefits.”

Praise be to God as He uses tools like the SALT program to build His people in spiritual strength and obedience to the Bible, while improving their lives financially.

1 Source: Vision of Humanity

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