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SALT brings spiritual and economic help to Namibia


Namibia, a country named after the Namib desert, is nestled along the west coast of southern Africa. Namibia is known for mining precious jewels and other natural resources. Inside the city limits of Windhoek, the nation’s capital, businesses thrive. In fact, Namibia is considered to be one of Africa’s wealthiest countries.

Despite the economic opportunities for city dwellers in Namibia, needy Namibians in rural villages are often forgotten. Many tribal communities experience extreme poverty and lack proper education.

NamibiaNamibia at a glance

ESTABLISHED IN 1990, Namibia is one of Africa’s youngest countries.

NAMIBIA IS THE WORLD’S second least densely populated country.

NAMIBIA’S POPULATION is 2.5 million people.

ENGLISH IS NAMIBIA’S official language.


How do SALT savings groups help Namibians?

SALT savings groups started in Namibia in 2018 to help impoverished villagers become the solution to their own financial problems. Christians are using the program to reachout with sound, Bible-based teaching.

Savings groups provide structure to help Namibians work together to save money. As savings accumulate, members can take out small loans to help provide for their needs. The program also helps to instill God’s Word in the lives of unsaved souls who are searching for the Creator.

The number of savings group members in Namibia is still small, but the program is slowly growing, and God is touching hearts. However, in some areas SALT staff members encounter resistance to the Bible-based teaching. Some members refuse to listen to the lessons and drop out of groups. Others stay with the savings groups and embrace the opportunity to learn.

“I praise God and am very excited to see what He is doing through the SALT program,” says a SALT worker in Namibia. Pray that God would open hearts in Namibia to accomplish
His purposes.

“We have learned God’s desire for us to live holy lives”

One group of savings group members in Namibia shared, “SALT teachings have changed our lives and opened our eyes to the truth. We have learned God’s desire for us to live holy lives—something we did not realize before. Because of this truth we can testify to the world of our faith in Jesus. . . . We thank God for opening this door for us.”

“I surrendered my life to the Lord”


Fransina (pictured) was forced out of her parents’ home to live with the father of her second child. He eventually abandoned her. With no one to care for her needs, Fransina struggled with suicidal thoughts.

The SALT facilitator encouraged Fransina to return home and amend things with her family. He also spoke to her about forgiveness, divorce, and other teachings. Fransina said, “I realized I was in sin, asked God to forgive my sins, and surrendered my life to the Lord. He is carrying my burden since then.” She continued, “I started praying and reading my Bible which was given to me. . . . I can’t stop praising the Lord for what He has done in my life. Now, I am employed. I can support my children and save in our savings group.”