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In the Hands of God

Twenty-two-year-old Wade’s* motorcycle lay abandoned at the end of his grandparents’ driveway. He was nowhere to be seen. The Virginia Search & Rescue team responded to the call and began searching. Wade’s family waited for word, their anxiety deepened by the suicide note discovered on his computer. Hours passed as team members fruitlessly combed hundreds of acres of briars and creek beds, praying for his safe return.

After two sleepless nights of worrying, the family was overjoyed when Wade unexpectedly came home on his own! A team member who helped in the search wrote, “I am constantly reminded in cases like this that, even though the outlook may look bleak, God is still in control.”

Whether searching for dementia patients who wander off, helping parents locate missing children, or looking for drowning victims, the goal of Search & Rescue is to minister the love of Jesus to distressed families. Pray for our teams as they share compassion in difficult circumstances.

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