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“It was just a miracle!”

miracle, Christian Aid Minstries

It was a spring day in the mountains of Virginia, and Amelia was riding her bike. Suddenly she got disoriented, and abandoned her bike to try to find her way back home. Instead, she went further from her home. She was lost.

Amelia is autistic, and mostly non-verbal. She is also on medication, and without it, she would likely die.

Amelia’s parents found her bike, but Amelia was nowhere to be found. Alarmed, they contacted the authorities immediately. CAM’s Virginia Search & Rescue team was called to the scene and the search began.

After searching for two days to no avail, our team began branching out further. On the third day, John, a local who had experience with search and rescue work, stopped by to see if he could help. Our team members gave him posters to pass out to hikers on the Appalachian Trail, which was close to where Amelia lived.

One hiker who John talked to said he would like to pray that Amelia could be found. At that same time, a team member in the command trailer suddenly felt the urge to pray. God was working! After praying, John started walking down the trail again.

miracle, Christian Aid Minstries
Search & Rescue team members search for Amelia.

Suddenly John heard a noise. He stopped, listened, then began hurrying towards the sound. Amelia!

Amelia, who was mostly non-verbal, was calling loudly for help. She was stuck in the mud and unable to move. John quickly helped her out and took her to a waiting ambulance, where she immediately received help. Amelia, who according to medical experts should have died was fine, aside from being dirty, hungry, and cold.

John says, “It was just a miracle!”