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A Gift that is Alive

Seeds burst with God-given life. A tiny seed has great potential when gifted to someone willing to plant and cultivate it. The Seed Project makes this gift possible for many people who depend on their gardens for food.

Ukraine’s soil is fertile, and its climate supports successful gardening. However, many of the seeds available are not high quality. Seed companies in Ukraine often have poor storage and sorting procedures and do little testing for germination. Many Ukrainians resort to poor-quality seeds since good seeds are expensive and harder to find.

CAM buys quality seeds to distribute in countries like Ukraine. Our goal is to provide a seed that germinates well, produces a disease-resistant plant, and ends with a fruit that tastes delicious and stores well. We mostly provide vegetable seeds so people can store or preserve their harvest and have a food supply in the winter when the need is greatest.

Thank you, supporters, for giving seeds to people in Ukraine and other countries!

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