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Where are you going — heaven or hell?

Heaven or Hell

Ruby* saw a CAM billboard that said, Where are you going — heaven or hell? With a sincere desire to be free from the trap of sin, Ruby called our toll-free number. Moved by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, she wept softly throughout the talk with our phone team member.

After our team member gave Biblical direction to Ruby, she prayed a sincere prayer of repentance. She was open to receive a packet of Christian literature and ongoing contact. Please pray that Ruby will follow God with her whole heart.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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Suicide — a mistaken solution

For many Americans, discouragement means hopelessness. And hopelessness means there is no one to turn to. So where do they go?

Many turn to drugs and alcohol or to temporary fixes that only take the edge off their pain and discouragement. But some turn to something they believe will be a permanent fix—suicide.

Daisy was a young mother who became very discouraged after losing her husband and 4-year-old son. Having terrible nightmares and not being able to pay the bills, she was ready to give up.

One night in total despair, Daisy turned to a bridge. Wanting to solve her problems once and for all, she dropped off her two little boys at her aunt’s place, parked her car a mile from this dam, and walked to the edge of the bridge.

Would jumping off this 260-foot high bridge really take care of the pain and suffering she was experiencing? Was suicide the answer to her problems? Daisy knew of no other answer. But as she sat there preparing to jump off, she thought of one of our phone team members she had recently talked to. So she dialed our toll-free number again and, weeping, poured out her problems to our team member. He strongly admonished her not to jump off the bridge. He tried to help Daisy see that suicide will not make her pain and suffering go away and that Jesus really cares about her.

After he had tried for nearly 20 minutes to persuade Daisy to reconsider, she said, “I have been beaten down so far, and I appreciate you and the other preacher’s help. And may God forgive me.” Then the phone went dead.

The police were immediately alerted. They searched the area all night and couldn’t find her.

The next morning, our team member answered a ringing phone and was relieved to hear Daisy’s voice on the other end. She explained that as she sat there on the bridge contemplating the jump, she began to pray. Soon she felt a peace come over her. She walked back to her car, picked up her boys, and went home to bed. Lying there in bed with her 5-year-old to her chest, she thought about how much her children needed her.

Daisy is alive. Daisy’s little boys have a mommy. Salvation is still available to Daisy. A couple from a nearby Anabaptist church has been in contact with Daisy. Join us in prayer for the salvation of her soul.

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“Please prove to me that there is a God”

I’m an atheist,” Brett said. “Can you please prove to me that there is a God?”

“Nope, I can’t,” replied our team member.

Brett was taken aback by this quick and unusual response. Our team member explained further. “The reason I can’t prove to you that there is a God is simply this. The Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he that cometh to God must believe that He is and that He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. That means since you have put the Bible away from yourself and since faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, there’s no evidence on the face of the earth that will ever convince you that God exists.” He explained that it takes more than human logic to understand that God is real. It takes faith.

“WOWWW!” exclaimed Brett.

Our team member went on to explain, “As an atheist, you peg yourself as a person with an open mind. Am I correct?”

“Yes,” replied Brett.

“Ok, if you have an open mind,” continued our team member, “I have a little experiment for you. I challenge you. Get out a Bible and turn to Matthew chapter 1 and ask God to reveal Jesus Christ to you. I recognize you’re an atheist and you don’t believe in God, but you still ask God.” The team member then told him to go to chapter 2 and again ask God if He’s there. He told Brett to keep doing that through the book of Matthew. “It takes you about ten minutes a day,” our team member continued. “At the end of the 28 chapters, you decide if God is real. Ask yourself if Jesus is real or not.”

“Alright,” Brett agreed. He thanked our team member for his time.

Pray that Brett’s study in the book of Matthew would lead him to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.