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Safe Water for Needy Gazans

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The Gaza Strip, a tiny Palestinian territory crammed between Israel and Egypt, is overpopulated and polluted. It lacks water sources and overdraws from its aquifer. As a result, the water is becoming increasingly salty from the nearby Mediterranean Sea. Those who drink this water without purifying it become extremely sick. Some eventually die as a result. But those living in poverty have little choice but to drink it.

Water filtering systems

Mahmoud* developed severe kidney problems from drinking Gaza’s contaminated water. He is paralyzed and on a wheelchair. He has no job and therefore no income to purchase costly bottled water. Through Water-for-the-World, CAM was able to supply a water filter for Mahmoud. This water filtering system hooks into the existing water line to filter the contaminated water. Mahmoud thanks CAM for the tremendous difference this filter has made for him.

Recently, a hospital director requested water filters so new kidney patients could receive a filter for their homes before their condition worsens. Right now, this hospital has two hundred and forty patients who have been diagnosed with kidney problems because of the salty water.

Water storage tanks

Aside from providing water filters, CAM also provides water storage tanks. These tanks go to the poor in Gaza who have developed or are at risk of developing kidney problems from drinking unsafe tap water. We place the water tanks in areas where tap water is so polluted that even filters don’t purify it. Families pay a small fee to a water filter company each time they need to have the tank refilled. Workers deliver the water on the back of a three-wheeled tuk-tuk.

Due to the huge demand for water filters, we typically limit them to people who have already become sick from the water. In the last three years, CAM has provided several hundred water filter systems and tanks to homes in Gaza. But needy Gazans could use many more.

Thank you, supporters, for supplying the wonderful gift of pure water for the people of Gaza!