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Journey of Ukrainian Refugees

Journey of Ukrainian Refugees

A daily average of 80-100 refugees arrive at some facilities in Ukraine amid the ongoing clashes. The journey of Ukrainian refugees is often one of fear and uncertainty.

Alyona and her family was recently added to the refugee statistic after leaving the terror of war in her neighborhood. Alyona wrote of spending nights in her cold basement with her husband and two daughters from fear of being invaded. “[Our] children learned to quickly dress in response to air alarms,” she said. “Since then, living there became scary.”

Alyona and her husband contemplated leaving for some time, but when a neighboring city was destroyed, they knew it was time. They gathered the family together and left their beloved home for a destination where they could feel safe.

The family encountered twelve checkpoints along the way that scrutinized their vehicle, checked their phones, and inspected all their documents. When they finally reached an area with a Ukrainian flag, which signaled that the area was not under occupation, they wept with relief.

Now that they were finally safe, the journey of finding a place to stay began. Humanitarian aid workers and churches provided them with food and shelter until they were able to find a place to rent.

Alyona shared, “On our way there were a lot of kind, sincere, and bright people who came to our aid.” Among the people whole helped Alyona and her family was a CAM contact who pastors a church and reaches out to refugees. “He brought us the necessary products and things for life,” Alyona wrote. “Thank you for the help! Thank God there are such people.”

Journey of Ukrainian Refugees, Christian Aid Ministries
Ukrainians receive aid and Christian literature from CAM.

Christian Aid Ministries provides contacts, many of whom are pastors, with Christian literature, food, and other supplies to assist refugees. The uncertain journey of Ukrainian refugees is made a little brighter by the help and encouragement they receive from pastors and other Christians along the way.

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