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Spreading the Gospel in Ukraine

Gospel in Ukraine, Christian Aid Ministries

CAM is providing Bibles and Christian literature to individuals and partner organizations in Ukraine that then pass them on to war-weary Ukrainians. We are grateful that God’s people can join together to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus to Ukrainians at a time when people desperately need encouragement. Hearts are soft and open from all that people have experienced. The fields are white with harvest as our staff and contacts share the Gospel in Ukraine.

Gospel in Ukraine, Christian Aid Ministries
A Ukrainian reads scripture to refugees.

Many Ukrainian churches open their doors to shelter refugees passing through. CAM provides some of these churches with food—physically and spiritually. As pastors and other believers assist with physical needs, they come across unique opportunities to pray with refugees. The Christian literature they offer is an ongoing encouragement to the refugees. Some refugees choose to follow Christ. Others recommit their lives to faithfully serve the Lord.

A Ukrainian reads scripture to refugees.
Ukrainian child reads the cover of CAM’s 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible

“The Lord is leading me”

Our contacts shared the story of Anna that mirrors the experience of many refugees who encounter the Gospel. Anna took the first available train when she decided to leave her home, even though she didn’t know where she was going. She ended up in Chernivtsi where our contacts offered her food and shelter and invited her to an evening Bible study. “Two weeks later,” Anna shared, “I started to pray and read the Bible myself. I feel joy in knowing the Lord is leading me and taking care of me. . . . God brought me to this town under the shelling . . . I learned about Him here and became part of His church.”

Gospel in Ukraine, Christian Aid Ministries
This elderly woman enjoys reading a copy of the New Testament provided by CAM.

Anna’s story shows the impact of God’s light in the darkest of days. Our contacts said, “Thank you for impacting so many lives . . . with the Hope of the Gospel. We received so much gratitude from devastated Ukrainians.”

God’s Word and Christian literature are a voice of comfort, hope, and truth to Ukrainian people in this time of distress. As Scripture records Jesus healing sick bodies and opening blind eyes, today He continues to heal souls and open spiritually blind eyes.

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