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CAM provides food to Ukrainians

food to Ukrainians, Christian Aid Minstries

One of the first consequences of the war in Ukraine was the lack of food. This is especially the case in areas of conflict where people lack money to purchase food or cannot find grocery stores in their hometown that are still open. CAM started to provide food to Ukrainians at the beginning of the war and continues to give this crucial aid.

food to Ukrainians, Christian Aid Minstries
Recipients in conflict zones are grateful for food assistance.

After CAM provided food for a distribution, our contact shared, “How many people will be fed and will not die of hunger! Thank you very much!”

The help of supporters enables us to offer food to churches who package the items before distributing food bags to people from conflict zones. The crowds are sometimes as large as 500 people, many of whom are nonbelievers. The churches often share the good news of the Gospel by holding a service before handing out the food.

food to Ukrainians, Christian Aid Minstries
CAM helped deliver these ready-made lunches to people in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

A contact wrote, “Today, by the grace of God, there was a meeting for unbelievers in the house of prayer with the issuance of humanitarian aid. . . . Heartfelt gratitude to God and you for taking part in our city, Kharkiv! How pleasant it is to realize that we are working for one King and one kingdom.”

Words of gratitude are continually expressed to CAM and our generous supporters for providing food to Ukrainians. Apart from distributing food to churches, we also provide food for individual Ukrainians including refugees. Sometimes we also help other groups transport food.

food to Ukrainians, Christian Aid Minstries

Requests for food steadily continue as the people of Ukraine face the results of the ongoing war. CAM seeks to meet this need in areas of violence when we can reach these areas safely. If you would like to help provide food and other aid for Ukrainians, use the donate button below.

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