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Day 16: Relentless fighting continues

Ukrainian CAM staff members distribute food parcels in Kyiv.

Relentless fighting continues between Russia and Ukraine with millions of people suffering in the wake of the conflict. This is the sixteenth day since the invasion began.

People throughout the country face freezing temperatures as they flee for the border or safer parts of Ukraine. Western Ukraine was a safe haven for many Ukrainians when the fighting began, but some areas are now targeted with bombs and missiles.

“The number of refugees from Ukraine— tragically—has reached today 2.5 million,” U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said on Friday, March 11. He said another two million people are displaced inside Ukraine.

Food recipients in Ukraine.
Food recipients in Ukraine.

Food shortages are an increasing problem. Our staff and contacts are doing what they can to supply much-needed food aid to the most vulnerable. Caring Ukrainian volunteers are working at our warehouse to pack the food parcels. A CAM staff member said, “People are willing to help with almost anything it seems.”

Local volunteers pack food parcels at CAM’s warehouse in Ukraine.
Local volunteers pack food parcels at CAM’s warehouse in Ukraine.

Christian literature opportunities

We continue to pursue opportunities to print and distribute Bibles and Christian literature to point people to Christ in this distressing time. Our Ukrainian contacts and staff members distribute the literature to people experiencing intense heartache and loss. One of our contacts said, “Since the war in Ukraine began on February 24, we have experienced a tremendous need to provide Scriptures in the Ukrainian language for people trapped in Ukraine as well as refugees who have fled to neighboring countries for safety.” This contact requests help to print 100,000 Ukrainian New Testaments.

CAM staff in Romania reach out to refugees

Our staff members in Romania reach out to refugees who pour into Romania. They help at a tent near the border where refugees gather as soon as they enter the country. They are also helping some refugees find long-term lodging. Following is a report from Romania: Some people come through who simply have no place to go. They’re scared, they just want to get out of Ukraine. They’re hoping someone will help them find a place to stay and care for them until they can return. There is opportunity to help make sandwiches, give blankets, caps, or warm socks to people who are cold, or just give a helping hand to a mother with her children. Along with that we offer Christian literature, New Testaments, and Bible story books.

Please continue to pray

Please pray for the people affected by the war in Ukraine. A CAM staff member in Ukraine asks that you pray for those under fire, and that the shooting would end. He also requests prayer for those who left their homes and wonder if and when the war will end and if they will be able to return. Another CAM staff member requested prayer for “safety, courage, and resilience for our workers.” Thank you for praying!

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