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One Hundredth Day of Conflict in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine reached the one hundredth day on Friday, but there still seems to be no end in sight. The clashes recently increased in the south and eastern regions of the country. So far, the unrest uprooted more than 14 million people. Over six million left for neighboring countries and eight million remain displaced inside Ukraine. It is estimated that around thirteen million people are stranded in areas of conflict. The ongoing shelling and land mines planted along the roads hinder many people from leaving their homes. This prevents some from escaping to safer areas and keeps others from traveling to their jobs, stopping at a store, or visiting a hospital. That is, if those places still exist. The shelling damaged buildings and roads and cut off water supply and electricity in some places.

Many Ukrainians are in desperate need of food, shelter, water, and medical supplies. About 50 percent of pharmacies are expected to be closed throughout the country since health workers cannot travel to their job or are displaced. We continue to work from the CAM warehouse in Kyiv to help meet some of the crucial needs. Our workers unload and load trucks daily. On average, they load one semi, three straight trucks, and four sprinters with aid each week. A large portion is food with some medicines and Christian literature. The medicines that arrive at the warehouse are in bulk, so our workers repackage them into kits before distributing them. The kits have an average of 34 different medicines. Most of the food, medicine, Christian literature, and other aid is shipped to the front lines in eastern areas of Ukraine where the conflict is intense. Please pray that these items would minister to the people caught in the conflict who experience loss and intense needs.

Our contacts use aid and Christian literature from CAM as an opportunity to minister to spiritual needs.

If you would like to help provide aid to people in the conflict in Ukraine, use the donate option below.

Workers unload a semi with aid.