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Rebuilding damaged houses in Ukraine

damaged houses, Christian Aid Minstries

As the war in Ukraine drags on, many people are experiencing the pain of rebuilding their damaged houses. Dina, an 88-year-old widow, lives with her daughter. They speak sadly of the day bombs fell on their village, damaging their house. “Only memories remain. The house is tilted, and the windows, roof, and walls are broken… where are we to live now?”

The elderly, handicapped, and those without transportation were not able to flee the war zone. Pray for Dina and many others like her across eastern Ukraine.

 Many damaged houses in Ukraine

damaged houses in Ukraine, Christian Aid Minstries
Dina, an 88-year-old widow’s house.

CAM plans to partner with churches in Ukraine to repair the homes of people like Dina. We might also build new houses to replace those beyond repair. Please pray that the repairing of earthly homes would testify of our heavenly home.

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