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Charitable Gift Annuities—a gift that pays you income for life

Charitable Gift

Charitable gift annuities are an agreement between you and Christian Aid Ministries Foundation. In exchange for you transferring cash or property to them, the organization will pay you income for life. We would be happy to help you determine how the annuity might fit into your overall plan of stewardship. For more information, contact us: CAM Foundation, P.O. Box 290, Berlin, OH 44610 | 330.893.4915 |

Charitable Gift AnnuitiesCase study:

James and Julia are both seventy-five years old. They wish to support God’s work with their savings but need some income for the rest of their lives. They give $50,000 to CAM Foundation in exchange for a charitable gift annuity. The rate for their combined ages as set by the American Council on Gift Annuities currently is 5.5 percent, so they will receive $2,750 every year or $687 each quarter.


James and Julia will receive fixed payments for the rest of their lives. Even when one of them dies, the surviving spouse will continue to receive the same fixed payments for as long as he or she lives. Their annuity is a general obligation of CAM Foundation, and backed by all its assets, so they can be assured that timely payments will continue as promised. At the death of the surviving spouse, the remainder of their charitable gift will be used in Christian Aid Ministries programs.