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Clothing brings relief to Christian families in Moldova

Moldova, the country sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine, is about the size of Maryland. Home to around 4 million people, Moldova is the most economically depressed country in Eastern Europe.

To help meet some of the many needs in this country, CAM sends clothing, shoes, and comforters to impoverished Christian families and elderly people. Viorel and Lilia (pictured at right) and their ten children are one of the many families who receive clothing and footwear. This helps them stretch their minimal funds to meet other pressing needs. Viorel does seasonal work in agriculture and gathers walnuts to provide some income. But their dependable yearly income of around $1,000-$1,500 does not meet all the family’s needs.

Recently we asked our field staff how the Clothing Bundle Project helps meet needs in this impoverished country. Here are our questions and their responses:

What is the average income of Clothing Bundle Project recipients in Moldova?
The average income of CAM’s clothing recipients is $1.50 per day per family member.

How does the Clothing Bundle Project help meet needs?
It stretches a family’s funds when they don’t have to buy that pair of shoes, or that article of clothing. Some elderly say their entire monthly income needs to go for heating in the winter. So if they can get shoes, clothes, or a comforter, they have a way to improve their quality of life.

Is the need for clothing, comforters, and shoes as great as ever?
Yes, these items still make a big difference. In general, the cost of living is increasing and the poor have less buying power. Those in rural areas especially appreciate these gifts.

Thank you, supporters, for providing clothing, shoes, comforters, and the funds to ship them to poverty-stricken families in Moldova and other countries. We pray the recipients will be encouraged by these gifts of love from fellow believers.