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Comforters in high demand

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During the harsh winters of Eastern Europe, a thick comforter is a welcomed gift to help provide some warmth. “With the cost of firewood skyrocketing in Romania, alternative heating options like the comforters are going to be just as important as ever,” says a CAM staff member.

Comforters are also sent to warm-climate countries to use as soft mats for people who don’t have a bed to sleep on. Each year, we could ship as many as 100,000 comforters to needy places around the world! We are currently receiving a little more than half that amount per year.

Thank you to all of you who labor over comforters, cutting and sewing blocks and knotting the final product. Your work of love is noticed by God and appreciated by many grateful recipients.

If you have a comforter to donate, you can drop it off at any CAM location.