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Disaster Response rebuilding season 2018-2019

Disaster Response rebuilding

During the 2018-2019 Disaster Response rebuilding season, volunteers and staff repaired homes and ministered to disaster victims in the following areas:

  • Anasco & Barceloneta, Puerto Rico
  • Beaumont & Brazoria, Texas
  • Pollocksville, North Carolina
  • Youngstown, Florida

2018 Disaster Response report

Disaster Response bases: 6
Rapid Response projects: 42
Search & Rescue incidents: 69
Volunteers for Disaster Response rebuilding, Rapid Response, and Search & Rescue: 4,637
Volunteer hours for Disaster Response, Rapid Response, and Search & Rescue: 136,004
Meals served by Loaves & Fishes Food Kitchen: 44,762
Properties cleaned up: 1,420
Homes repaired or built: 275

North Carolina
Puerto Rico