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Give A Man A Fish or teach A Man To Fish

Give A Man A Fish, teach A Man To Fish

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. This age-old saying is full of common sense wisdom. It is far more effective to teach someone to do something for themselves than to do it for them on an ongoing basis. CAM’s SALT Microfinance Solutions program uses this concept to help impoverished people not only learn how to fish, but also how to obtain a fishing pole.

In the poverty-stricken countries where CAM works, many able-bodied people wish for a chance to provide for their families but often lack funds to start small businesses. Others struggle to manage the minimal amount of money they do have because they never had the opportunity to learn good business practices. Trapped in a vicious cycle of generational, chronic poverty, they cannot find a way to get ahead.

Our two main objectives:

Help people discover ways to provide for their families
Pattern and teach a Biblical way of life

Zacchaeus from Ghana wanted to start a poultry business to fulfill his God-given call to provide for his wife and four children. But Zacchaeus couldn’t find a way to start his business. “My problem was always where to get the capital to start,” he shares. In other words, he knew how to fish but lacked a pole.

Through a SALT savings group that started in his area, Zacchaeus was able to pursue his dream. Today he has a small business of buying and selling chickens to support his family. “Thank God for the SALT savings group in my community. I was able to have access to loans that helped me start my business,” Zacchaeus says. “SALT gave me the opportunity to overcome poverty!”

In addition to Zacchaeus, tens of thousands of other people in various countries are finding hope to provide for themselves and their families.

How does the SALT program help?

Our goal through the SALT program is to help the poor find a solution to their financial problems. Since there is no “one-size fits all” in helping people to overcome chronic poverty, the SALT program uses various approaches to help clients find a way forward.

At SALT savings groups, members learn how to collectively save and manage money. Microloans are helpful to those who wish to start small businesses. Farmers in SALT Agri-Plus groups learn better farming methods and ways to increase their yields. Youth who wish to learn a trade can do so at SALT vocational classes.

We believe the key to help people help themselves is through proper teaching. At SALT meetings, clients learn business principles such as how to market goods, track income and expense, and work with customers. These basic concepts can make or break the success of a small business.

No matter what approach is used, all SALT clients receive a steady diet of Christ-centered teaching, both about Christian stewardship and what it means to walk with Jesus in everyday life. In some places, thousands of people are hearing the Gospel for the first time at SALT meetings.

We have some excellent opportunities to expand the SALT program to new countries, and as funds are available we intend to push forward. We also have funding needs for existing SALT operations.

If you wish to help financially, your contribution will be a blessing. May God continue to bless the work as together we extend hope to various countries around the world!

What clients are saying

“The most important part of the microloan program is the Bible and business teaching.” —Ghana

“I can’t overstate how much I appreciate this program . . . We can now save money and plan very well for our home and our business.” —Uganda