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Godly leaders in Liberia

Godly leaders in Liberia

As the second year of Liberia’s Biblical Discipleship Center unfolds, Godly leaders testify of changed lives. Men give testimonies of stronger marriages. Pastors preach with a deeper understanding of Scripture.

The pure truth of God’s Word is setting people free in a culture where devil worship and false doctrines are often mixed with Christianity. False beliefs are prevalent in Liberia, largely because of the low comprehension of English, their second language, and the illiteracy rate that makes people vulnerable to the beliefs of others. Because many people are not able to read the Bible, they are often taken advantage of and believe doctrines that bring gain to those teaching them.

Biblical Discipleship Center goal: To equip men for godly leadership.

Many of the teachings at the Biblical Discipleship Center are new concepts to the men who attend. They are amazed to learn that the Old Testament isn’t just stories, but shows God working to bring the Deliverer to man. The ideas of restitution, headship order, and a leader taking the role of a servant are mostly foreign concepts to the men who attend these sessions.
One pastor shared that he never apologized to his family or anyone else until he heard the truths about child training and humility. He returned home and apologized to his son for mistreating him, and begged for his forgiveness.
Within the six three-week sessions, Liberian men are immersed in teaching on salvation, practical Christian living, spiritual warfare, marriage and family life, Biblical doctrines, and Biblical leadership. Each weekend, some of the men return home to be with their families. For some, it’s a short distance, but for others, it takes up to twelve hours by taxi!

Their dedication and hunger for truth is inspiring. But these men need our prayers as they return to their villages. They face temptations from the enemy of our souls and experience pressures from society around them. Many of the men are criticized for returning with new doctrines. Pray that these Godly leaders in Liberia reflect Jesus and shine God’s light into the darkness around them!

“And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine.” Matthew 7:28