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Health and hope

Romanian, Romania, Christian Aid Ministries

When medical needs arise in Romanian families, many are unable to afford treatments or medicines. The Medicines-for-Multitudes program helps these people by providing medicines, medical supplies, and nutritional items.

Camelia, a vibrant Christian mother, suffered from a ruptured aneurism that nearly took her life. Now she is immobile and requires various medications, a special bed, and other equipment to help her regain mobility. Family members help care for Camelia, but her disability has brought great hardships and expenses to the household. Through Medicines-for-Multitudes, Camelia received medicines, disinfectant, and other items needed to help her recover.

This program also helps the Gypsy people of Pata Rat who live near the dump and gather garbage for a living. They cannot afford medicines, medical treatments, and other basic needs. Our staff members supply these Gypsy people with medicines and sometimes provide nutritional drinks for the children. At times these drinks are their only meal of the day.

To many people in Romania and other countries, medicines are precious gifts. One Romanian doctor who receives medicines through this program says, “Words cannot express the gratitude and thankfulness for those who made it possible that these poor people be helped. Their hope is found only in the Lord, who answered their prayers through you.”