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Medicine that could save precious lives

save precious lives

Liberia has some of the worst health statistics in the world. One in ten children dies before his/her fifth birthday. Diseases like pneumonia and malaria claim lives daily. Some people even die from minor sicknesses like diarrhea or the flu. Sadly, the leading causes of death are often preventable. But for the average person who is struggling to scrape together enough money to buy food, medicines are something they cannot afford.

That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations. Psalm 67:2

Those who live in Liberia’s interior may need to walk several hours to reach a clinic. Even if they are able to make the long trek, the chances are slim that the clinic will have the medicines they need.

“I could hardly believe she was still alive.”

At Chief Jallah Lone Medical Center, A CAM-supported clinic, a mother of five lay extremely ill from sickle cell anemia. “When I saw her, I could hardly believe she was still alive,” our staff member shared after visiting the clinic. “Her arms and legs were thinner than any I have ever seen, and her voice was weak.”

Abandoned by her family, this mother spends her days sitting or lying on a bed at the clinic. Through CAM’s Medicines-for-Multitudes program, she received electrolytes and medicines to help ease her pain. Though her body was wasting away, her mind was still clear as she thanked our staff for the medicines and for praying for her. In addition to the medicines, we hope the love and compassion she received also ministered to her spiritual needs.

“This saved the life of an expectant mother.”

Supported by CAM, the clinic staff reach out to their community by dispensing CAM medicines and by beginning their day with prayer and devotions. The staff is grateful for multivitamins and other supplements that provide nutrition, as well as antibiotics that fight diseases. One of the clinic staff pointed to a sodium chloride injection and said, “This saved the life of an expectant mother.” Often, the essential medicines CAM provides for these clinics would not be available otherwise.

Thanks to generous supporters, Medicines-for-Multitudes keeps more than 40 clinics in Liberia stocked with free medicines that have the potential to save precious lives.