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Restored home for disabled man

disabled man

Josiah is in a wheelchair from an accident. As a disabled man, he has an amazing determination and a resilient spirit!

After Hurricane Harvey damaged his home, Josiah, with the help of a friend, started hanging drywall and building kitchen cabinets. Even though both men have back problems, they didn’t let that stop them. Josiah worked from his wheelchair and did the work from four feet and below. His friend, who is tall and has trouble bending over, did the work from four feet and above. “Between the two of us, we made one person,” Josiah said.

When trying to find someone to help finish the interior of his house, Josiah came in contact with CAM’s Disaster Response Services. The volunteers installed the cabinets and the trim, replaced the floors, and repainted the whole house. “That is just astounding to me. It really helps me out,” Josiah says.

Restored home for disabled
Restored home for disabled

The volunteers also replaced the weathered boards on Josiah’s porch. Now Josiah can easily access his house without having to worry about falling through the porch.