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Restored home for hurricane survivors

Hurricane Survivors

Will and Edith are hurricane survivors in their early 70s. When Hurricane Florence brought floodwaters into their North Carolina home, they lost most of their belongings.

Hurricane Survivors
Will and Edith

They had left their home before the storm struck. But when they returned seven days later, they found the water line at three feet in their house. The carpet was soaked, floors had buckled, and the sheetrock and furniture were ruined. Their hearts sank as they faced reality.

Edith stated, “Although it was very discouraging, we never considered giving up. We just put ourselves in God’s hands, wiped away the tears, and kept on going.”

Disaster Response Services was able to restore their home with the help of volunteers. “We’re so thankful for all the help we’ve received,” Edith says. “We’re so blessed.”