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Strategically Placed Billboard

Strategically Placed Billboard

Heading northwest on Route 322 from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, all travelers need to cross the Susquehanna River on a four-lane bridge. As they come to the end of the bridge and round the corner, a newly constructed billboard stares at them head-on. This strategically placed billboard stands at the onset of a row of immoral and evil businesses.

Many of you supporters have informed us of the great need for a Gospel message in this spiritually dark area. We thank God for opening the door for us to secure this new billboard before other advertisers contracted it. We feel it’s an unusual opportunity, and CAM would like to keep posting Gospel messages on this billboard structure for many years.

One caller said he has been praying for this little town of Duncannon. He was glad to see our billboard about lust. He informed us that one of the immoral clubs is now up for sale, and he thanks God for hearing his prayers.

James* saw our Duncannon billboard and was convicted. He said he struggled with fornication in the past but has turned away from this sin and was clean for a year. However, James admitted that he failed just the night before and was involved in immorality on a friend’s phone. He was sorry and wanted our team member to pray for him. James was grateful to be able to call our billboard number for help.

*Names in this publication have been changed to protect identity.