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Wish to start a Coronavirus Crisis Care sponsorship?

Coronavirus Crisis Care sponsorship, Christian Aid Ministries

Pleas for help resound around the world from the weight of the coronavirus pandemic. The substantial number of requests continually sent to us at Christian Aid Ministries led us to start a monthly sponsorship option for coronavirus needs. The Coronavirus Crisis Care sponsorship touches the lives of some of the most vulnerable people during this time. We might not know if the coronavirus has spread to the far corners of the world, but it is certain that the economic crisis from the virus has found its way to even the most remote places. These already needy areas will likely suffer for years to come from the unusual global shut down.

Cries for food

The cry for food is one thing most requests we receive have in common. Fear of starvation stares many in the face. A pastor in Africa said he hopes his family dies quickly from the coronavirus rather than suffer the slow death of starvation. Two teenagers from his area already died from lack of food. Another person from Afghanistan said, “I don’t know if coronavirus will kill us or not, but this hunger will surely kill us.”

Requests for hygiene products

Other requests for help include hygiene products, which are often lacking when people can’t even afford food. In the Middle East where refugees just experienced a nine-year war, one woman described their condition as “worse than the war.” One of our contacts said, “With the outbreak of COVID–19, life becomes even harder. It is estimated now that food and hygiene prices have increased again by 70 percent.”

Spiritual opportunities

All these needs and uncertainties are causing many people to search for rest and peace. People who had no interest in God are now open to the Gospel message. We want to seize this opportunity to point people to Christ through Bibles, Christian literature, and Gospel billboards.

Monthly support

The foundational support of a monthly sponsorship helps us respond quickly and efficiently to requests resulting from the coronavirus economic crisis. The requests for aid come from 41 countries so far and total more than three million dollars.

Coronavirus Crisis Care sponsorship, Christian Aid Ministries