The World Hunger Fund is providing much-needed food in various countries around the world.

Food and a Message in Mauritania

Your gifts to the World Hunger Fund helped touch the lives of abandoned wives in Mauritania, a desert country in northwestern Africa. Here, girls are often married off at young ages, with many never getting the chance to go to school. Some are later abandoned by their husbands and left as the sole provider for their families. The lack of education and opportunities leaves many women and their children vulnerable to hunger and dire poverty.

On top of their husbands’ neglect, some of these women face discrimination. They belong to a people group known as descendants of slaves and are labeled as outcasts by much of society.

Last year, contacts reached out to abandoned wives and their families in Mauritania with gifts of rice, sugar, oil, tea, milk powder, and wheat. The act of helping these struggling “outcasts” spoke loudly and sent a clear message of God’s love.

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