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Refugee seeks a better life


Emmanuel,* a young South Sudanese Refugee , fled from his home village in search of a better life after his wife was killed in the crossfire of a gunfight. After months of treacher­ous travel, Emmauel arrived on Lesvos Island, Greece. The four young children he had left in his village behind weighed heavily on his mind.

Through a Bible study group, Emmanuel met with CAM staff members and began working on the vegetable farm operated by the Refugee Discipleship Program. This agricultural project helps train refugees to start their own agriculture businesses. Emmanuel hopes to save up enough money to bring his children to be with him in Europe.

The influx of refugees from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East into Europe provides opportunities for CAM staff mem­bers in Greece to share the Gospel with people who may not hear it otherwise. Whether it is holding Bible studies or working alongside refugees on the agricultural project, their goal is to shine truth and peace into refugees’ lives.

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