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Who are the 110 Million Displaced People?

More people are displaced now than at any time in history. Whether fleeing war in Sudan, ethnic discrimination in Myanmar, or cartel violence in Mexico, the displaced are often vulnerable and lack

means to provide for themselves. The Worldwide Refugee Crisis program helps provide discipleship, food, clothing, and aid for refugees, migrants, and other displaced people.

Who are the 110 million people across the world without a place to call home?1 Here are the stories of a few of the people behind this number.

Razia* is a refugee from war-torn Sudan who lives in a neighboring country with her four children. Her husband is still in Sudan. As a refugee, she is charged a much higher rental fee for her apartment than many locals. Razia used to do cleaning work to provide for her family, but she lost her job after dental issues kept her from working for two days. Staff members who visited Razia to help deliver a food parcel said her home is “nearly bare.”

“I have recently needed to stir up a rice pudding to feed my baby,” said a Syrian refugee mother in Turkey. “She cries a lot more and doesn’t eat very well. Thank you so much for this! To me, this formula is way more important than all the other food and blankets you could give.”

“I have received training for the medical field and could have started working in a hospital with a good-paying job, but I have followed God’s call on my life to serve as a volunteer doctor here in the jungles of Myanmar,” says a doctor at a hospital that received medicines through CAM. “Thank you for providing the much-needed medical supplies, especially for the meds we cannot buy here in Myanmar. These meds are used to do surgeries that we cannot normally do unless we take our patients over to the Thailand side. Many times, these people die before they can receive help. These meds will help us save lives.”

1 UN Refugee Agency

*Name changed to protect identity.

Most refugees living in Turkey are Syrians who fled their country because of civil war.
This boat is loaded with medicines for refugees near the Thailand/Myanmar border.

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