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A gift of pure water

pure water, Christian Aid Ministries

In spite of frail health, Yahmir* attempted to collect water each day for his wife and youngest daughter. This 50-year-old Yemeni father suffers from rheumatism, kidney damage, and complications from a stroke. When he didn’t feel well enough to collect water, his family sometimes had little or no pure water. His daughter began fetching water when she was old enough, but it made her late for school.

Recently, Yahmir’s health declined and the doctor removed one of his kidneys. He told Yahmir to drink clean water to protect his remaining kidney. But buying clean water was expensive, so Yahmir resorted to drinking water from the community well.

After CAM contacts installed a rainwater collection system with a filter bucket, Yahmir told them, “Multiple problems have been solved. My daughter will be on time at school and my remaining kidney is no longer at risk.” Thank you for making it possible for this family to have clean water!

*Name changed to protect identity

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