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Tears of pain in Yemen 

in Yemen, Christian Aid Ministries

The airstrikes, missiles, and warring parties in Yemen create shocking statistics. But behind every statistic are tears of pain of individual Yemeni mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children. As our contacts in Yemen enter homes, sit with people, and listen to their stories, they see this suffering firsthand.


This country on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula is mired in one of the  world’s worst humanitarian crises. Millions of Yemenis are weary of war, hunger, water shortages, and a crumbling economy.

This year, warring parties in Yemen agreed to a ceasefire. For six months, the country experienced a rare, fragile rest from active fighting.

In October, the ceasefire expired. Our contacts recently told us that they are preparing to face possible airstrikes, ground shelling, and missile attacks.

Begging in desperation

“Today I went around to some houses in the neighborhood asking for flour to feed my children, ”Yasmin* told our contacts. “But I came back disappointed. I sat and cried in front of the door. I couldn’t stop my tears.

“I said to myself, ‘There are still some houses I did not visit.’ I was about to try begging again, but the care of God is great, and His mercy is vast. You have arrived with the food aid and made my day. I thank God and praise Him for His grace and your kindness.”

Adeel, a Yemeni father of four children, felt helpless after a back injury hindered him from providing for his family. “I endured hard days trying to cover our housing costs and my expensive medications,” he said. “Because of the war and my current condition, life has become very painful.”

From tears to thankfulness

God led our contacts to help Adeel and his family receive a regular supply of food, funded by your generosity. Adeel said, “This brought happiness and hope to my heart and has eased my burden. My children and I count down the days and weeks, waiting for the arrival of food. God bless you all. We thank you for standing by our side . . .”

Supporters, thank you for caring for individual Yemenis like Yasmin and Adeel. The needs across this war-torn country are huge, and we cannot meet them all. But your support and God’s grace help turn some Yemenis’ tears into words of thankfulness and joy.

*Names in this article are changed to protect identities.

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