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War causes food scarcity in Yemen

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Yemen is in its eighth year of conflict with many people caught in the crossfire. It is estimated that tens of thousands have been killed and millions displaced. Two thirds of the population depends on humanitarian aid to survive because of the food scarcity in Yemen.

Nijah* is a mother of three children who is responsible to provide for her family since her husband is in jail. The war in Yemen makes it difficult for her to secure employment for a steady income.

Most of Nijah’s meager earnings are used to purchase medicine for her daughter who has a heart condition. The little money she has left doesn’t reach far to buy food due to the high prices.

CAM provided Nijah with a gift of food, delivered by contacts who work in Yemen. She said, “Thank you. You secured food for my children and this is the only source of security we have…We are grateful for all you do to help us and others.”

Our goal is to show Jesus’ compassion to the needy and hurting people in Yemen. Please pray that the war in Yemen would cease and peace could reign.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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