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Yemen: “Living in a catastrophic situation”

Living, Christian Aid Ministries

Dabir* worked in construction providing a good life for his family. However, he became paralyzed after a traffic accident and now is unable to work. “Before the outbreak of the civil war in Yemen, my family’s living conditions were better,” says Dabir. “I worked in construction and provided them with everything they needed without asking anyone else for help. Then I became paralyzed, I was unable to work, unable to earn a salary, and unable to meet the needs of my family. The war made things even worse and aggravated my financial burdens. Now my family is living in a catastrophic situation.”

Many Yemenis have lost jobs, been wounded, and have been deprived of earning sufficient income for their families. Dabir said, “The food basket assistance came at the perfect time. We were in desperate need of such assistance. It alleviated the heavy burdens that my family was suffering from and gave us a glimmer of hope for a decent life. I thank God, who guided you to support me, and thanks are due to all who provided for this kindness.”

Thank you, supporters, for you care for the needy people living and facing hardships in Yemen! It gives them a glimmer of hope in a dark and discouraging time.

*name changed to protect identity