Loving the Leper

Loving the Leper

When someone in South Asia gets leprosy, they face a life-long curse. Their families often drive them away—forcing them and their children to move to a leper colony, likely never to return. The suffering of those with leprosy varies from minor scarring to loss of fingers, toes, limbs, and blindness. This often depends on how quickly they receive treatment and how long they have had the disease, which is completely curable when caught in time. 

Christian workers compassionately visit lepers to treat their wounds and provide them with food, clothing, medicine, and income-producing resources. Since many lepers don’t have fingers, the workers help with simple things like combing their hair, cooking, and brushing their teeth.

Your donation helps Christian workers in South Asia provide food, clothing, medicine, income-producing resources, and other care in leprosy colonies.

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