Projects you can do

Hands-on Projects

Each year, you as supporters assemble and gift thousands of kits to CAM. Whether school items for students and teachers, baby items for struggling mothers, or personal care items for those who lack resources for everyday needs, the labor of your hands continues to benefit many people! We can use tens of thousands of kits each year. If you would like to assemble kits for CAM, choose an option below to see detailed instructions.

Which kits are you interested in?

Vacation Bible School Kits

Are you looking for a way to generate interest and tally offerings from your vacation Bible school, Sunday school, home-school, or classroom?

Hygiene Kits

Kits for the needy

People in poverty-stricken countries often struggle to find the money for soap, shampoo, sleepers, notebooks, pencils, and even chalk and staplers for the classroom.